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Product Name: waist and back massager (A type)
Product number: ST-1107
Shelves time: 2015-12-07
Browse number: 567
Product details

Dimensions:1551×694×1412 mm

The equipment adopts double movement position. When doing exercises, stand with back towards the massage wheel.  

Main column:  standard pipe(φ114×3)mm

Column for supporting the seat: standard pipe (φ60×3)mm

Support frame: standard pipes (φ48×2.5)mm 

Handlebar: standard pipes (φ33.5×3.0)mm 

Longitudinal massage frame: with built-in limit device

Massage wheel: robber material

Shaft: diameter of 26mm;  

Installation : directly-buried way

Embedded depth for the column: 500mm       Foundation size:(500×500×600)mm

Embedded depth for seat-supporting column: 400mm        Foundation size:(500×500×500)mm