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Product Name: surboard
Product number: ST-1226
Shelves time: 2015-12-10
Browse number: 1159
Product details


Column: WPC pipe(□120x10.0mm) with embedded standard galvanized square pipe(□100x3.0mm)

Pendulum: swing within the set limit, unilateral amplitude less than 65 degree, standard pipe(φ60×3.0)mm

Pedal: both sides of the pedals equipped with flexible protective pad to prevent any injury caused by swing pendulum.

handlebar: with new style grip complying with new national standard

Shaft: diameter φ35mm, standard T10 steel, surface hardness(35~40)HRC, using 6007 deep groove ball bearings

Installation : directly-buried way

Embedded depth for the column: 500mm              Foundation size:(500×500×600)mm